e-Gift Card

E-Gift cards are the prefect gift to give. Riss E-Gift cards is the right answer for those who appreciates nice things. Those who receives our E-Gift cards can appreciate the option of choosing the right accessories to fit their needs. You will save time by getting Riss Jewels E-Gift because you will not have to second guess the right gift or the fear of returning the wrong gift.


$25 Gift Certificate

E-Gift Cards are emailed within 24 to 48 hours of purchase. The email will include a digital code to used on Riss Jewels website to deduct total amount of gift card from sub total amount. e-Gift card’s digital codes are valid for 1 year and the total amount must be used when redeeming digital gift code. No credit will be issued for remaining balances. Apply digital code where it says apply coupon when viewing cart items. Multiple e-Gift Cards must be purchase for an amount over $25 dollars. E-Gift Cards are non refundable.