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January 2024 Create New Jewelry Challenge

Create Challenge January 2024
Create Challenge January 2024

New Year, New Challenges and New Jewelry

Your strengths can become your weakness if you do not used them. That was the thought that came to my head for Riss Jewels 2024. I wanted to expand my creativity through out the month of January. I decided to create a new piece of jewelry every week for January 2024.

The New Year Create Challenge was necessary for three reasons. The first is me using material that I have never used before to challenge my creativity. To not have a design plan makes the jewelry piece unpredictable. In the beginning of my design career my pieces were unpredictable which help my creativity to flow. Overtime my designs have become more structure and planned. This organized way of design has its benefits but flaws when it comes to having fun.

The second reason for Riss Jewels showcasing a new design every week in January is refusing to allow material to go to waste. There is material that has never been used because of no creative drive to use it until now. The different colors and styles of the gems are inspirational. Who knows what I will create with this new found creative drive.

The last reason for the 2024 January Create Challenge is to express my artistic capabilities and the need for creative freedom. Someone may value the uniqueness of a piece I’ve created. They may want to own the piece for themself or use it in projects of some sort and that is an accomplishment.

The reasons to own my creativity and share my uniqueness with the world has encourage me to start this New Years Create Challenge. I want to bring back the fun while keeping Riss Jewels chic and casual. Every New Year can bring new challenges. Riss Jewels wants you to face your challenges while always looking stylish and fierce.

What are some of the challenges your facing in 2024. Comment the challenges and how you will tackle them in the New Year. Let’s hear what they are and push each other forward to a successful 2024.